Paddling to Raise Awareness for Mental Health 

We Stand Up for Those too Weak to Speak.

Stay tuned - We have more merch on its way.

​      Hats just arrived! will be available soon!

Help Us Get The Word Out

20% of sales will go to those that need it. Where does the rest go? Good question.

It costs roughly $15 to make a shirt or hat and they sell for $35.

20% of $35 is $7 - You're probably thinking that won't go very far and you'd be right, $7 barely buys a coffee anymore. But with enough sales we can stuff an envelope and help those that battle with mental illness. 

This is a collective effort, it takes a community to build up those around it.

With the remaining 80%, we will continue to create & make a brand that gets people stoked, makes them smile when they tell the story behind the cause, inspires them to live healthy, to get outside and to take on adventure.

​Help us build this community. Join the #KCPO crew.